About Us


 HEY Y'all! My name is Amy Jo Eskew! I have two beautiful & spoiled girls who are absolutely my world & biggest fans! I am a Registered Nurse; however, I have not been able to work due to a life-changing diagnosis 4/10/18. I went to work the morning of the 10th with a migraine (Which at the time wasn't unusual to me because I've always had a history of migraines; on top of having an 8 month old at that time with the usual NO SLEEP! Long story short, within hours I was sent home from work because I was not acting "myself" and went to the ER complaining of the "the worst headache of my life"! I was told the most life-changing news within 20 minutes of my ER visit  … "You have an 8cm mass in your brain and you need to be transferred ASAP to another facility for emergency brain surgery"! I didn't have time to think of anything else except "NOPE - NOT TODAY, I have to go home to my girls". Well, I never got to go home needless to say because I was already being transferred on to an ambulance stretcher that quick!

Since I have been home, I've had to adjust to my “new life”; as well as be a fighter not only for myself, but for my girls, family, and loved ones. I have survived emergency brain surgery (with 57 staples in my head … hints to the name of my website), completed 33 radiation treatments, and took chemo treatments every single day for a year. I am completely blessed having surgery on 4/12/18 and walking out of the hospital on 4/16/18 with absolutely NO NEURO DEFICITS. I am a walking miracle literally! Again, hints to my website name https://www.57MiracleStreet.com/   

Here I am today! Nursing has always been my #1 passion. Being forced by my brain tumor ;) to take a "break" from Nursing to FIGHT through what is such a terrible disease that anyone and their loved ones who are affected by cancer wish they could cure. So, I decided to start making Arts & Crafts again because it's always eased my mind; which obviously is especially important and needed (physically and emotionally) at such a challenging time in my life. I hope that y'all enjoy my Arts & Crafts just as much as I enjoy making them. If there are any customized items that you would like, please message me and we will come up with something perfect & unique that fits your needs or that someone who has everything and you just can't figure out what to get them. I can make a variety of things - not just limited to wood signs (including: hand stained or hand painted crafts (on a variety of surfaces - basically anything you have in mind, we can make it work), vinyl projects (including: monogram on all things possible; or even make a custom shirt with my cricut and cricut heat press), paper crafts, wreaths for any occasion/season, wedding gifts for the new Mr. & Mrs. (even help with wedding décor if needed), sweet baby gifts (including: unique nursery items, & more! I love ALL things crafty. I love ALL things monogrammed. I love ALL things budget-friendly! 

I make and sell Chalk Couture products. My facebook page is “Chalkin' in the South with Amy Jo”. Chalk Couture is an amazing product to sell; as well as an amazing company to work! The company began in the Summer of 2018, and the products speak for themselves! I love to put a twist on a lot of my projects and think outside of the box. If you are a fan of Kirkland's & Hobby Lobby, then  you will not be disappointed to check out my webs site. You can visit my website for more information. https://www.chalkcouture.com/chalkininthesouthwithamyjo/ 
If you are interested in knowing MORE about Chalk Couture or JOINING MY TEAM to make extra $$ and have fun doing it … just message me and Let's talk CHALK! Make sure you sign up for my newsletters on my websites and let your friends know as well because who doesn’t like giveaways, right?!  

I know this is long; but I think it is important to get to know a person before you judge a book by it's cover! And, TRUST the person that you want to do business with,right?! These past few months has made me really appreciate the small things, and  I thank GOD everyday that I'm able to wake up another day to be with my girls (& everyone else special to me). The power of prayers from my family, loved ones, friends, and the amazing support from the community has definitely went a long way in my recovery and keeping my spirits up; as well as very much appreciated. My diagnosis has changed my whole outlook on life in general. I have a long journey ahead of me; however, my story is not over … it's actually just beginning! I am beyond BLESSED & GRATEFUL to wake up each day and tell my story to the world and still show people that miracles do happen; so don't ever give up or let anyone else tell you otherwise or bring you down! I know that God has bigger plans for me, and he would not have gave me more than I can handle! Jeremiah 29:11 is my verse of the day everyday! & I KNOW without a doubt #IGOTTHIS 
Amy Jo